WIHONGI TRAVEL - Megan Wihongi
About Me
I have almost 17 years of experience in the Travel and Airline Industry, both here in New Zealand and in the USA.
Of course, I love to travel and enjoy the growth opportunities that this offers.  I am fortunate to have first-hand travel knowledge of the following destinations:-
- Mainland USA
- The Hawaiian Islands
- Thailand
- Vietnam
- United Kingdom
- South America
- Samoa
- Fiji
- Tonga
- Tahiti
- New Caledonia
- Australia
- Hayman Island
- Dubai, UAE
Being able to work in my home-based office as a Travel Specialist is fantastic and aside from indulging my love of
Travel, it also allows me to maintain a better work and life balance and gives me the freedom and
flexibility that every busy woman needs!
I have met some amazing people and my life has been changed by the many experiences I have had while travelling.  I am excited to share my passion for travel with all of you and to help you turn your travel dreams into a reality.
MEGAN WIHONGI - Travel Specialist
Phone - 07 8381157
Mobile - 021 02520058
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