WIHONGI TRAVEL - Megan Wihongi
Why Cruise? 
Cruising is the fastest growing area in the Travel Industry
and there are some incredible packages and itineraries
on offer to destinations all over the world.
Here are 10 Great Reasons why you should be a part 
of the latest Travel Trend and take a Cruise today!
Reason 1: Cruising is for Everyone
It doesn't matter if you are travelling alone, as a couple, a family or a large group because Cruising caters for everyone.
Reason 2: Book Now, Pay Later
No other holiday option allows you to book well in advance, secure your preferred type of accommodation with just a deposit and then pay your final balance a couple of months before you depart?
Reason 3: Unpack Once
You only need to unpack one time when you get on board and and then repack one time when you disembark at the end of your cruise.  No living out of suitcases or constant repacking each time you take a shore excursion.
Reason 4: So Many Choices
It's very hard to be bored on a Cruise because there's always so much to do and see and your options will seem endless.
Reason 5: Visit New Destinations
You will visit new cities, countries and historic landmarks - all without having to worry about directions or getting lost.  With lots of shore excursions to choose from it's easy to choose how you want to explore.
Reason 6: Make New Friends
Being on a cruise ship allows plenty of time for socialising and you will make many friendships that may last your lifetime.
Reason 7: Easy Payments
Once on board you'll be issued with your personal "Cruise Card"so you can enjoy a cashless environment and charge any onboard expenses to your shipboard account which you can settle before you disembark.
Reason 8: No Need for a Designated Driver
Enjoy your days and evenings without worrying about who's going to get you home.  So just relax, enjoy yourself and let the captain worry about the steering!
Reason 9: Amazing Value
All of your main meals are included as well as fantastic entertainment and onboard facilities.  Add this to all of the incredible multiple destinations you will visit and it all equals amazing value for your money.
Reason 10: The Food!
Most of the food available is already included in your cruise fare and you will be surprised by the extensive range of cuisine onboard.  Enjoy a casual meal or fine dining - it's up to you.
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